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18 October 2006



I'm doing my Christmas shopping in something like 3 minutes. Everybody's getting 2 month sponsorships of GAC dogs. (Assuming GAC still is doing the "Dog in a Can" thing, and "everybody" really just means all those people who are so spoiled and lucky that there is nothing I could afford to buy them that they haven't already bought for themselves. Um, that makes me sound bitchy. "Here, merry christmas, here's my charity agenda! I didn't bother to think of what you'd like, just what I'd like to give you!" I'm still going to do it though. There's a fine tradition of high speed last-minute shopping in my genes.

BTW, could you hear me yelling at the television during PR?

Also, there are 175 people with my name in the US. Married name anyway. I did check my other name and it says "1 person..." I wonder if that was me?


I have the same problem w/ the guys' presents! I started a Christmas Idea journal, and thought this post might be of interest. I'll keep an eye out for your entries to get ideas too!


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