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23 March 2005



I don't know what the issue is with your Swap pal but she has something wrong going on. Your gifts are faaaabulous gifts. Its not you its her.


Those are cute soaps! What a great idea for shapes! So vintage..and the color is great..reminds me of that old glass...I forget what it's called but it's milky green like that. I've had my soap book for 3 years and have never touched it. Took me a year to get off up my butt and find an extra used pan to use for melting...then hubby tossed it when we moved a year ago and I"m back to square one :\


Unloved, she says? Yeah, well, I'd like to love her into the middle of next week! Sounds to me like you've done just fine, Hilari.


LOL! Thanks for the laugh Jenn!


What an f'ing cow. I'd send her a note with the soaps long the lines of "don't choke on them" or "they contain glycerin which should help slide that bug up your ass out..." It's sad really how some people can be so obnoxious or advertise that they weren't raised right.

Don't worry about and you aren't being snipey.

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