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12 April 2005



Hit Ho. Love it. I've never heard the term before so you are a lingo trendsetter!

And I can't say that I'm a Hit-Ho. I don't even know how to check that sort of thing and lately I have had too much life trama to even bother updating my blog. I'm just excited when I get comments. :)


Say to yourself . .. . "They like me! They really like me!"

That is all.


Hit ho here too. I check my referrals too but wonder how many of my hits are from spyders and bots or whatever they are called. No, no, I'm sure they are all from real people who LOVE me and hang on every word I write. It's a lovely life here in my fantasy land.


Yes I admit it, I am too.
I'm not bothered by numbers of hits, but the referrals fascinate me.
Also comments. I check my website far too many times a day to see if anyone has commented, but that's probably more a reflection on my job than anything else.

And I've never heard hit ho, that might be down to you.

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