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19 April 2005



What is wrong with that girl?! I mean, really, any gift is better then no gift, and it's really the thought that counts. She's just being ungrateful. Don't let her get to you, you're being the better person in actually continuing to send her gifts even after her complaints.


Don't worry about it. I've had been in that kind of situations before -- there are just some people out there who love to rip others off and get a best deal for themselves.

To them, I say "shame on you!" and get on with life. This just trains me up to have a bigger heart.


I agree with Kristin - this chick is out for attention. Life's too short to put up with this nonsense. Keep taking the high road (don't rag about her on the swap site), get out and put your efforts where they will be appreciated.


I stand by my original opinion - basically she's a greedy bitch and she needs to fuck off. Pardon the language... and being that I'm a smartass I would post a reply to her craftster comment so everyone knows she's a psycho loser. :)


Sounds like you're doing fine! i don't know where she's coming off saying you bailed out on her. i would love to get those things you sent her! that soap looked awesome! and that was very thoughtful of you to make smaller bracelts for her b/c she wears smaller shoes! too bad she's a just a jerk! i'd say seriously bail and send your love to other more appreciative people!
hope that is some help!


I tell you what, she's a scammer. Scammer! I know a few other people that have been on the bad end of a Secret Pal relationship, but this is not that kind of deal. It sounds like a call for attention and free things from extremely nice people, including yourself. Some people just think they're entitled to more than others. But she doesn't deserve you.


Hey Hilari, I think you're right. She is abusing her status, and obviously not thinking, as she didn't bother to consider that there was no way of you knowing what she was sending to someone else. Plus, I love all of your handmade gifts, which are different enough to make anyone happy. Plus, the fact that she got a gift out of someone else is ridiculous. Righteous anger is a good thing.

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