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19 July 2005



That's why they bundle it though, they make more, you might watch more...if we bought TV a la carte we'd pay less and probably watch less.

I lived without a television for several years, and two things stand out:

I didn't miss it at all.

It's amazing how much of a role tv plays and how the tv people watch defines them, and how much the media assumes we watch tv. Do you watch Survivor, Fear Factor or Amazing Race? Apparently it says something about WHO YOU ARE. I never knew that until I had no TV.

Now we have tv and pay more for cable than I ever thought I'd pay for mere tv, but I don't want to cut it in half (nixing the "expanded" would do that) because I don't want to lose the Discovery and Home & Garden channels (they're for my husband, I swear). Hence my conclusions re: bundling.


RIGHT ON! Who needs the 24-hour wombat channel? We gave up on cable, too, and put the money into a family membership at the local community center, which has weight rooms, a swimming pool, etc. Same price -- $60 per month.

The first presidential candidate who promises to let me watch The Daily Show -- ONLY -- gets my vote. Repub, Dem, or Creature from the Black Lagoon party. That's all it will take to buy me off, you all.


Sing it, sister! I always thought it would be cool for every channel to be ala carte - only pay for what you watch. When Simon and I lived alone we had basic $7 cable, then no cable. Poor deprived child. Even though I LOVES me some HGTV, I'm not sure I'd have it now if I had to pay for it. (Steve must have his ESPN and is willing to pay for it.)

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