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10 July 2005



So you'll let us know when you and your friends are on TV?? Looks like a cool place. (Nice new layout here too!)


Since you're so far into the scene, I must ask this nutty question: Once I could swear I heard people in the radio talking about some sort of plastic that you could use at home to make that sort of moving, 3-D effect in scrapbooking/paper arts they used on the face of 10 cent watches when I was a little girl. Can you picture what I'm talking about? Move it one way, it makes one picture, move it another way, it shows a different picture.

I gathered from the radio that it was some kind of plastic sheeting with particular scored patterns across it that would attach to paper somehow with an adhesive. Did I mishear? Misunderstand? It really doesn't make sense, when I think about it. Still, any kind of plastic adhesive makes my heart race with joy. (I'm looking for a good rehab center on that, but so far, nothing.)

I've stalked the folks at our local crafts plastic shop -- they start shouting "No! No!" when they see me on their sidewalk. If you say it doesn't exist, I will accept that. Whaddaya say? Am I simply hallucinating in the grip of a plastic adhesive dependency? Thanks.

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