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05 September 2005



Lordy, I'm all cranky just reading about it. You're a much cooler customer than I would have been. Heh--plankton--I love it.


LOL, girl, you did good. . . I MIGHT have done the same, or I might have had to leave before it got ugly!!


Ha! Have you seen Chappelle's "PopCopy" sketch? I avoid Kinko's like the plague ($9 to send a fax!?) They've done everything they can to automate the systems to avoid customer-employee interactions (for obvious reasons) and I've never had something done right, on time, the first time. And I don't know anyone who has. I admit though, I haven't done more than walk in, have a bad service flashback, and walk out in a loooooong time.


Oh man, my blood pressure spiked just reading that! Unbelievable.

Melissa (crazycatladymel)

A few months shy of my 40th, I got married. "We" (I) did as much of everything as possible "ourselves," including the invitations (which turned out adorable), maps and programs. Kinkos had done a pretty decent job with my invitations and maps, so I took the programs to them about a week before the wedding.

I doubt it's age-related. Plankton is a good name for the morons that took care of my Kinko's order. I was super easy-going, offering to come back the next day for my order. When I got there, they weren't done yet -- they'd forgotten to finish the programs (not hard -- drill 2 holes for ribbon ties, and fold in half).

When I came back, the plankton had folded the programs in half first, then tried to drill the holes. And used the wrong drill bit. I'd called around to find the Kinkos that had the small drill bit and the seemingly competent person that took my order wrote it in large red letters on the form. So, now I have programs with overly large holes, many of which are out of alignement.

I had also created "escort cards" with names & table numbers, and had them cut and fold them.

When it came time to ring up my order, they wanted to know how many cuts and folds I had for the escort cards. By now, I was pissed, and long past polite. I told them that that was THEIR business, and if it was up to me then the answer was "three." I refused to pay for the folding and drilling of the programs because they did it SO wrong. But had to get into a tug-of-war with another plankton. They were MY programs -- I had purchased the paper and done the printing on my own (work, LOL) and all they had to do was assemble them. NO, you don't get to keep them. My paper, my printing, your incompetent folding and drilling, which I'm not paying for. I got lots of "it's not my fault," because the plankton who did mess up the order disappeared quickly. Really, really snotty people. I finally said, "I don't care WHOSE fault it is. A mistake was made - several in fact - and I want to know what you're going to do to fix it."

It was not fun. I talked to a manager, who tried to make excuses, but since the order was clearly and correctly written, it was really a lame attempt, and he gave up. They ended up reimbursing me for the paper ($50) and shipping, and I ended up using the messed-up programs (no time to get them re-done, and I was the only control freak who would notice that the holes the ribbons were through were a tad bit big). I now have enough chartreuse stationary to last a lifetime.


I apologize for laughing but that is hilarious. Sorry you had such an aggravating experience. It truly is puzzling how some people manage to land (and keep!) a job.

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