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20 November 2005



Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a great one! Have a good Thanksgiving and use lots of moisturizer! :)


Hey Ms. Hilari --- Happy, happy birthday!!! Too bad you have to spend it in Hell -- I mean Aridzona. Loved your entry in the writing contest -- but then again, you are my favorite writey-person.


Happy birthday!


Happy happy biiiiiirthday happy happy birthday happy
Sorry about Arizona. Like Heidi said though, it's awful here too. We're drinking and peeing, slathering on the cocoa butter, drinking, peeing, slathering, ad infinitum.


Happy Birthday! Remember to water yourself frequently! Actually, it sort of feels lika Arizona around here, too, with these sucktastic Santa Anas-- What? I thought it was the word of the day!


Make sure you're not dehydrated - that always makes me very tired and lethargic.

Happy birthday!!!! May there be many Johnnys and Tysons in your future!


Happy Birthday!!! I couldn't get Johnny or Tyson to show up in AZ with nothing on but a bow... but the thought was there ;) Hope you don't dry up while you are gone. My snowbird dad spends the winters there and when I visit I get the same jerky skin. Hope your b-day is spectacular.

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