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05 November 2005



Oooh! Your cute hat is looking fierce! (I'm watching too much of Miss Tyra...) I love the colors and ribbon is excellent. I'll have to add that hat to my to-do list.

Hey - you coming up to Stitches in Feb? Let me know. If you are, we'll have to hook up and hang out.


I think we are better than pie :) Wendy is going to meet up at my house at about 8:30am tomorrow. You know you want to go!


It's the Southern California Handweaver's Guild Spinning & Weaving thang...what? We didn't link it enough for ya? It's up in Torrance, and the market's 10am-4pm so we're going early to get coffee at a local Coffee Bean and meet up with MJ & Julia (yummyyarn/mind of winter) and then shop.
So after Julian, you probably won't have time (or the desire to drive all the way)to get up there, but y'could just bag Julian and ride up with us ;)
But pie vs. fiber is a tough, and very personal decision.

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