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13 January 2006


Cristina (CrissyPo)

Cool! That looks like it will be fun. I've never been to Lori's; I think that trunk show will be a good excuse to go. I'm just going to look of course, because I'm still adhering to my one month yarn diet resolution. I'm impressed that you're cleaning stuff out...I'm trying!

Mary-Kay Tilden

Ok, ja-ja-ja-jealous girl right over hee-ya! You MUST show us all she tells you! Is it a new way to knit? is it about a new sweater? Is it....? What the heck kind of class is it?!!!?

Have a GREAT time! I will talk to you soon!

spaazlicious (wendy)

Dude, you are so plugged in--what is she going to teach you guys to knit?

And, I guess I'll never dance in front of you. Or your Sims. My funky chicken is clearly too Funky for You.


Have a great time at the class! It sounds wonderful.


I love the Annie Modesitt/Annie Potts analogy! And I really hope your cashmere fantasy comes true. Just in time for the yarn swap.

Have fun at your workshop--we want a full report!

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