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15 April 2006



Cake? Cake? I have 3 boxes of "cake" in the pantry. I don't know why they are there -- I'm not really a "box cake" kinda girl -- but then again, there is that cool cookbook I bought which shows how to spiff up plain 'ol box cakes. Nope, no time, off to Chicago in 2 days to celebrate 50th anniversary with my parents -- if they're still married by the 21st. I bet there'll be good cake at the party!! Want me to stick a piece in my suitcase?


I'll love to have a slice of strawberry cheesecake topped with real strawberries! Yum!


Now I want cake too. A huge piece of chocolate cake in fact. I need a break from the ridiculous amount of Cadbury Creme Eggs I've been ravenously consuming. It's a good thing they will be out of stores soon!



I was thinking about making cinnamon rolls this morning and while they aren't as good as some cake, you have helped me to decide "yes dammit, I'm making some cinnamon rolls!" :)


Have it fixed professionally and go get a slice at Extraordinary Desserts

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