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06 May 2006



Oh my gosh, I do remember that plate. My first and I think last experiment with Pebeo glass paints. I can't believe you still have it!

I never could do Ding-Dongs (tee hee), but I loved and still love Little Debbie Nutty Bars -- with an extra measure of PB, of course!!


Aaaaah! Nooo! Ruin a perfectly good blob of peanut butter! But I do like the new word--viagra-ize. Hee hee!


You are turning into a regular gourmand-blog, ain'tcha? I'll eat anything with peanut butter on it--well, almost anything...

eBay just has too much stuff it seems, unless it's a big ticket item or an Alice Starmore branded poo it doesn't seem like it's all that great for sellers anymore. After all the listing fees, then eBay's percentage of sale and paypal--it doesn't seem worth it.

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