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11 July 2006



Lola is adorable. Wow.


Lola is simply delicius. Now that is a dog I could live with.


I'm glad you are knitting in comfort with your new A/C on. OMG Lola is so cute. I can't wait to see the eyelet chemise when it's done. It's looking great.


What a cute little peanut!!! I still remember when Jenny was that teeny tiny. Maybe your friend can bring her to the wiener races at QC stadium in September. It's the funniest thing ever!

P.S. congrats on the AC!


Lola is making me make noises that only she can hear!


So decadent! I make fun of Nick because he likes to turn on the a/c in our bedroom and then wrap up in the comforter--now I get to make fun of you too! Hooray!



Lola is adorable! I remember when my mini-dach. Jackson was that tiny - he still is a peanut compared to other dogs, but it is bigger than he was last year!

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