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06 July 2006



What you need is a Palm Pilot!

Seriously, I know the pain of finding a simple, functional address book, believe me. So this is a clever, creative solution.

Well done!


Seriously creative! I would have probably just thrown out the address book and said "screw it, nobody is going to hear from me anymore I guess."

Jenn Green

Crown Books??? Holy Crap! That was a long time ago.... :)


Yeah, you need a shop!

I think it's pretty damn creative! The world would be a sad sad place without Mod Podge, eh?


Nah, it's a great idea! What a gigantic pain in the asssssss to rewrite all the contact info!

(also, is it just me or do you think it's a little funny that the "rebel artist" sentiment was a _stamp_? When are people going to be able to buy your hilarious magnets?)

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