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28 December 2006



Happy New Year!

Hope your kidneys have rehydrated! My legs have not yet recovered from having a constant heater on... :)


I'm such a selfish & slow knitter in the first place...

The yarn is Naturally merino & possum, I overdyed it. I can't remember what color it was originally, just that I didn't like it, I got it from LoriZ (of Crafty Brainwave)'s stash sale--http://www.kertzer.com/products/yarns/yarn-naturally-merinofur.html

My fetching's with it have turned out too big, even though I got gauge--did I do the math in the first place? no, I did not...so I'm turning them into gloves for Nick. Shhhh...don't tell him.

We heard from pomona's mommy. She's alive and well and she wants her dog back. :(

I'm sorry about your kidneys. ;)


Ha! I think I already made that pledge after finishing (nearly) all my Christmas presents. Me Me Me for 2007!


I love this post! I was thinking something similar - now that the Christmas stuff is done, I want to knit for me!! Make room for me on your bandwagon!

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