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06 March 2007



I have to go; my mom took me to that big exhibit of her celeb photos up in L.A. (wait, maybe it was PHX?) I like her stuff very much.

Thanks for the lovely words abt the handspun--I had no idea that was your first, oh my!

And thank you for the cupcakes, they were delish. Very rich, very yum...like lance armstrong. ;)


thanks for sharing wow something i will never get to see from way up here in alaska other then through your eyes down there.
love the photos and i agre i lke the real people photos alot better. something taken by the ordinary person . you did will with yours i like that totally too:)
well off to find more coffee :) you have a good day :)


I think "real people" photos are my favorite type of photography. I've been wanting to see this exhibit...now I need to see it! Thanks!


Great exhibit. I wish I could see in person.

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