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04 July 2007



As to "poaching", who in their right mind would buy anything "poached" at the fair ----it's fried or nothing!!!!!



I tried an Orange Julius again just two weeks ago, and I'm still of the opinion that if I wanted ground up St. Joseph's aspirin for children (showing my age, they don't give aspirin to children anymore) in milk, I'd throw some in the blender myself!!!



What a sweetheart you are.


Huh. "poaching their photo"? How is it poaching the photo when anyone interested in learning more about the sandwich can just trim off the upload part of the address and check out the blog. Or do they think their targeted readers are too stupid to do that? I mean, I can see their point, sure, they want you to link to their post that features their regurgitation of a newspaper article (it falls under fair use, so it's not 'poaching' either) but you are not 'poaching their photo.'

Anyway, what I came in to say was really just "Ha, thanks!"

So I guess I owe Mrs. Clue thanks too for making my comment have a little more substance. (Get it? Anita Clue? Hahahaha, lor' I slay me. Sure.)

Anyway, love you, sorry the timing didn't work out Sunday. Yergh, it got HOT.


Hi Hilari:

I sent you an email, but it seems you didn't get it. I'd really appreciate if you'd link to our actual post on the KK Chicken Sandwish, rather than just poaching our photo.

The URL is:


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