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05 March 2008



Persian rug weavers too: "Only Allah is perfect." Which is what I told students and people working themselves into a tizzy about mistakes, "Only Allah is perfect, get the f&$k over yourself." ;) No, not really the latter part of that, but I reminded people that imperfections are part of handmade, and sometimes we come to prefer it. Just because it doesn't look like the picture, or whatever, doesn't make it bad.

It is important to identify how a mistake is happening and have the knowledge to correct it or change it. I figure, as long as it's a matter of "oops, I could go back and fix it but why?" I can live with that attitude.
Knitting is supposed to be fun.


If it's for me... and if I'm happy with it, so be it. Sometimes it's just not worth it to rip back or spend hours trying to fix something small.

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