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01 April 2008



You CRAZY sista' !!!! I loved the above responses. Too funny. Wendy always comes through. Glad you're a free woman, and sad you're out yarn money. Don't worry, you'll earn more, right?


Not that bright?? Sounds like you did MORE than your share considering the address wasn't copied correctly. I would have felt the same way. I'm sorry! I have had a friend who has gone through a misunderstanding with the law and from the get go she was treated like a criminal. It's crazy, I tell 'ya!

And your pedometer story is funny! If you're too tired to get a brownie in your mouth, maybe that's the secret plan - to get people so tired they can't even eat. :o)


Nick is coming down on the 8th, maybe you guys could meet up and he can teach you how to run, jump, and clear a seven foot chain link fence in no time flat...that seems to be a prereq if you want to avoid The Man (and impress the COPS home audience).

I'm glad it's resolved, I'm sorry it happened. I'll be a character witness, if'n ya ever find yourself in trouble with that Blind Bitch Justice again.


Woo! You're a free woman! Make sure you keep that paperwork with you for a while. I always see people on COPS who SWEAR they've taken care of a warrant. :D

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