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03 December 2008



hmmm, I think it's truly that I'm buried in stuff. My the time I find what I need to start (or finish -- yeah, don't laugh -- it happens) I end up either disgusted by all the "stuff" I have, or start getting so many ideas in my head my brain is buzzing and I have to just STOP or I'll explode.

Lately, the only thing that is working for me is to take classes in things I already know, but don't take the time for. Example, the PMC classes that the continuing adult ed program does. It's 3 hours a week for 6 weeks for $77. The creative energy of being around other people doing the same thing is great. Although, sometimes, I admit, I find myself getting so involved in everyone's else's fabu stuff that I don't get much done myself.

I guess I miss the days at Expression where I was surrounded by wonderful (okay, and some NOT so wonderful) creations all day long.


Ooh yeah re: the mimic thing, me too!


(And if I do do something I can't find anywhere else, I either find out why nobody else has bothered in the process, or by the time I'm done, find that someone else has done a prototype and then put it into mass production while I was dinking around, dang it. Suddenly, they'll be everywhere.)

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