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29 July 2010


Ela Melich

A makeover for your business? Why not. This is really important in making your business click. But if you find it hard to do so, there will always be someone who will help you out in making your business a fab one.

Masako Gun

What made you decide to revamp your Etsy site, sweetie? And oh, it's nice to hear that you are doing your own marketing plan for your business. It's essential to make your business a success. Go girl! You can do it! =)

Staci Burruel

That's nice to hear from you, girl! Come to think of it, venturing into the business world is not easy. You must be competitive enough to do all the marketing strategies, to gain increased sales and influence. =)


The best advice I've read on promoting Etsy sales is to promote yourself OFF of Etsy - get mentioned in blogs,etc.

Here's where I read that, FYI: http://www.craftmba.com/2010/01/21/why-i-still-sell-on-etsy/

Good for your for having a plan. I need one to get back onto Etsy.

Good luck, Hilari!

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