> Projects 2008

Jade and Sterling Earrings
Carnelian Hearts Earrings
Iris Shawl
The Legend of Grey Scarf
Cabled Hat
The Ravelry Where My Stitches Hat?
Buttonchops Hat
Kew Socks
Slouchy Chapeau
Flufferly Hat
Big Hearts Earrings
Disc-O Is Alive Necklace
Shell-Shocked Earrings
Hazy Sunrise Necklace
Sunshine on Your Shoulder Bag
Lace Cuff Anklets
Take Me to Tea Purse
Parched for New Earrings
San Diego Palm Tree Card
Cool Wood Earrings
Neck Candy Scarf
Earthy Cozy
Shuffle Cozy
Crocheted Flower Hair Pins